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Construction Management & Experience

Project Team Experience

Jarvis Moore Inc. (JMI) is a Hub-Certified, Section 3, DBE, AABE, MBE, ESBE, SBE, (SCTRCA) Certified construction company that has been in service since January 2010, Located at 103 Connelly St. San Antonio, TX 78203. Jarvis Moore Inc., self-performs Demolition (Structures, Concrete, Asphalt, & Land Clearing), Site Prep (Excavation, Base Work, and Cast–In-Place Concrete), Debris Removal & Hauling services to the greater San Antonio area and some surrounding areas. 
JMI is focused on bringing Best in Constructional services and we work tirelessly on building relationships between the client and our staff. By building a great team of experienced staff and laborers, we have been able to build a successful business that provides quality work performance services to our valued clients. We ensure customer satisfaction is achieved and strive to exceed customer’s expectations every project.    

JMI has a team with over 100 years of experience collectively in site preparation, utilities, flatwork, and public street work/ improvements, specializing in excavation, site prep, base and concrete work. Our Management team has experience overseeing projects, corresponding and reporting to the customer and city, keeping track of schedules and job cost, creating short and long term goals, and supervising construction staff and activities. We have a working relationship with SAWS, CPS Energy, The Developing Services Department, and COSA. We, also, have experience working with county entities with their public utilities. In addition, we have experience working with the city’s reporting systems, such as PrimeLink, LCP Tracker, and the Contract Compliance Monitoring System. All of which will be advantageous for us corresponding, following compliances, reporting, and meeting scheduled deadlines. 

Project Approach/ Work Plan

Pre-construction Phase
We, at JMI, have extensive knowledge of estimating, scheduling, and working with the customer and city to get permits and approvals. Having had the opportunity to work with Government Canyon and develop the 100-year flood wall, we have a unique skill set with dealing with codes, procedures, and standard regulations that far exceed most of the city and council regulations. Our team strives to approach every task in the most cost effective manner, considering environment and community conditions, and dealing with each project on a case by case basis. JMI has a community conscious approach, in which, we reach out to each community we work in making them aware of our plan of action and procedures, addressing any concerns that the community may voice, and acting as a liaison between community and city objectives.

Bidding Phase
When bidding on a project we take time to ensure accuracy with bid prices as much as possible. We factor in cost to do the work, as well as, the time it will take to complete the work to ensure taking on the project is the best fit for both the customer and our company. We partner with qualified subcontractors that are like minded in approaching each project safety first and meeting all the local building code requirements, standards, and procedures. 

Construction Phase
Our management, construction crew leaders, laborers, subcontractors, and suppliers work together to ensure great results each project. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and able to execute the work required efficiently and effectively. Our Project Superintendent and Project Manager will supervise all project activities. 
JMI prides itself on safety first, having all team members OSHA approved and continued education through our safety program to ensure jobsite safety. Furthermore, we demand the same standards from our subcontractors, in which, we develop by weekly meetings and training sessions. 

Quality Control Inspections
Inspections are held to ensure quality of all constructions throughout the construction project. 

Communication & Management
Our Project Manager and Staff have the required skill sets and are fully equipped to provide project management and complete the scopes of work for each project. With our Executive Supervisor overseeing all operations between the city, Jarvis Moore Inc., and Subcontractors, our Office Staff corresponding and reporting to the customer and city for each project, our Project Manager overseeing the project and keeping track of schedules, job cost, creating short and long term goals/critical paths, and ensuring we are in compliance each phase of the project, and our Project Superintendent supervising all construction staff and activities associated with the task orders and ensuring proper technique and installation is being followed, we ensure expectations are being met, budgets are managed, and work is completed in a superior and timely manner. Weekly project meetings are held to review the project’s progress.

Cost & Scheduling/ Technical Abilities
We know cost and time is important on each project. We manage both cost and time through daily/ weekly review and use computerized accounting and project management programs and software (QuickBooks, Project 2016) to generate reports and track and manage both cost and schedules. Scheduling is updated throughout the project by daily/weekly review reporting from the Project Superintendent to ensure the project’s progress is going to plan. 

We are committed to providing quality construction services at a reasonable cost and timely manner and strive to complete work to our customer’s satisfaction each project.

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