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On the Job Training (OJT) & Classroom Training for Grading & Paving Equipment Operators

Interested in a career in the construction field as an equipment operator?

We have just the training course for you through our Apprenticeship Program to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to become a skilled equipment operator.

Our Apprenticeship Program will equip you with Classroom and On the Job Training (OJT) qualifying you to earn living wages.

What is an apprenticeship program?An Apprenticeship Program is a good way to prepare yourself for the future with on-the-job training and/or related classroom instructions in a highly skilled career. An apprenticeship is a paid job. Someone who is new to the field (the apprentice) learns the skills needed for the job. Apprentices are trained by master craftsmen, who are experts in their field.


Our Course will cover:

  • Graders 

  • Scrapers

  • Compaction Equipment

  • Skid Loaders

  • Wheel Type Tractors

  • Trenching Machines

  • Bull Dozers, & Misc. Equipment

  • Grade Stakes

  • Use of Grade Instruments & Plans

  • Concrete Installation

  • Basic Equipment Skills

  • Maintenance Techniques

  • Fuels & Lubricants, Safety & Operation Techniques

  • Hazmat

  • Health

  • Commercial Driver’s License Preparation

  • Driving/ Operating Test, Written Test.

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